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The following are exempt from the tax imposed under this chapter:
(1) Vessels exempt from the registration requirements of chapter 88.02 RCW;
(2) Vessels used exclusively for commercial fishing purposes;
(3) Vessels under sixteen feet in overall length;
(4) Vessels owned and operated by the United States, a state of the United States, or any municipality or political subdivision thereof;
(5) Vessels owned by a nonprofit organization or association engaged in character building of boys and girls under eighteen years of age and solely used for such purposes, as determined by the department for the purposes of RCW 84.36.030; and
(6) Vessels owned and held for sale by a dealer, but not rented on a regular commercial basis.


ConstructionSeverabilityEffective dates1983 2nd ex.s. c 3: See notes following RCW 82.04.255.
Partial exemption from ad valorem taxes of ships and vessels exempt from excise tax under RCW 82.49.020(2): RCW 84.36.080.
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