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(1) The commission shall have jurisdiction over the sites and site operators as set forth in this chapter.
(2)(a) The commission shall establish rates to be charged by site operators. In establishing the rates, the commission shall assure that they are fair, just, reasonable, and sufficient considering the value of the site operator's leasehold and license interests, the unique nature of its business operations, the site operator's liability associated with the site, its investment incurred over the term of its operations, and the rate of return equivalent to that earned by comparable enterprises. The rates shall only take effect following a finding that the site operator is a monopoly pursuant to RCW 81.108.100.
(b) In exercising the power in this subsection the commission may use any standard, formula, method, or theory of valuation reasonably calculated to arrive at the objective of prescribing and authorizing fair, just, reasonable, and sufficient rates. The relation of site operator expenses to site operator revenues may be deemed the proper test of a reasonable return.
(3) In all respects in which the commission has power and authority under this chapter, applications and complaints may be made and filed with it, process issued, hearings held, opinions, orders, and decisions made and filed, petitions for rehearing filed and acted upon, and petitions for review to the superior court filed therewith, appeals filed with the appellate courts of this state, considered and disposed of by said courts in the manner, under the conditions, and subject to the limitations, and with the effect specified in this title for public service companies generally.
(4) At any time after January 1, 1992, the commission may: (a) Prescribe a system of accounts for site operators using as a starting point the existing system used by site operators; (b) audit the books of site operators; (c) obtain books and records from site operators; (d) assess penalties; and (e) require semiannual reports regarding the results of operations for the site.
(5) The commission may adopt rules necessary to carry out its functions under this chapter.
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