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Gas companiesConservation targets.

Each gas company must identify and acquire all conservation measures that are available and cost-effective. Each company must establish an acquisition target every two years and must demonstrate that the target will result in the acquisition of all resources identified as available and cost-effective. The cost-effectiveness analysis required by this section must include the costs of greenhouse gas emissions established in RCW 80.28.395. The targets must be based on a conservation potential assessment prepared by an independent third party and approved by the commission. Conservation targets must be approved by order by the commission. The initial conservation target must take effect by 2022.


Findings2019 c 285: "(1) The legislature finds and declares that:
(a) Renewable natural gas provides benefits to natural gas utility customers and to the public; and
(b) The development of renewable natural gas resources should be encouraged to support a smooth transition to a low carbon energy economy in Washington.
(2) It is the policy of the state to provide clear and reliable guidelines for gas companies that opt to supply renewable natural gas resources to serve their customers and that ensure robust ratepayer protections." [ 2019 c 285 § 12.]
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