Chapter 80.24 RCW



80.24.010Companies to file reports of gross revenue and pay feesDelinquent fee payments.
80.24.020Fees to approximate reasonable cost of regulation.
80.24.030Intent of legislatureRegulatory cost records to be kept by commission.
80.24.040Disposition of fees.
80.24.050Penalty for failure to pay feesDisposition of fines and penalties.
80.24.060Pipeline safety feeReportsProcedure to contest feesRegulatory incentive program.


Assessment of public utilities for property tax purposes: Chapter 84.12 RCW.
Corporations, annual license fees for public service companies: RCW 23B.01.590.
Easements of public service companies taxable as personalty: RCW 84.20.010.
Public utility tax: Chapter 82.16 RCW.