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The legislature finds:
(1) That Washington possesses an abundance of natural wealth in the form of forests, mountains, wildlife, waters, and other natural resources, all of which help to provide an unparalleled diversity of outdoor recreation opportunities and a quality of life unmatched in this nation;
(2) That as the state's population grows, the demand on these resources is growing too, placing greater stress on today's already overcrowded public recreational lands and facilities, and resulting in a significant loss of wildlife habitat and lands of unique natural value;
(3) That public acquisition and development programs have not kept pace with the state's expanding population;
(4) That private investment and employment opportunities in general and the tourist industry in particular are dependent upon the continued availability of recreational opportunities and our state's unique natural environment;
(5) That if current trends continue, some wildlife species and rare ecosystems will be lost in the state forever and public recreational lands will not be adequate to meet public demands;
(6) That there is accordingly a need for the people of the state to reserve certain areas of the state, in rural as well as urban settings, for the benefit of present and future generations.
It is therefore the policy of the state to acquire as soon as possible the most significant lands for wildlife conservation and outdoor recreation purposes before they are converted to other uses, and to develop existing public recreational land and facilities to meet the needs of present and future generations.
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