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Council duties.

(1) The council shall:
(a) Meet at least annually and more frequently at the request of the chairperson;
(b) Recommend policy for the natural heritage program through the review and approval of the natural heritage plan;
(c) Advise the department, the department of fish and wildlife, the state parks and recreation commission, and other state agencies managing state-owned land or natural resources regarding areas under their respective jurisdictions which are appropriate for natural area registration or dedication;
(d) Advise the department of rules and regulations that the council considers necessary in carrying out this chapter;
(e) Review and approve area nominations by the department or other agencies for registration and review and comment on legal documents for the voluntary dedication of such areas;
(f) Recommend whether new areas proposed for protection be established as natural area preserves, natural resources conservation areas, a combination of both, or by some other protected status; and
(g) Review and comment on management plans proposed for individual natural area preserves.
(2) From time to time, the council shall identify areas from the natural heritage data bank which qualify for registration. Priority shall be based on the natural heritage plan and shall generally be given to those resources which are rarest, most threatened, or underrepresented in the heritage conservation system on a statewide basis. After qualifying areas have been identified, the department shall advise the owners of such areas of the opportunities for acquisition or voluntary registration or dedication.
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