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Postacquisition management plan.

(1) All lands transferred into community forest trust status must be managed in accordance with a postacquisition management plan developed by the department consistent with this section.
(2) After exercising the authority provided in RCW 79.155.040 to acquire land for inclusion in a community forest, the department must establish a local advisory committee in cooperation with any interested and affected local government.
(3) The department must use the local advisory committee as a source of advice and comment on a postacquisition management plan. Comments and advice should, at a minimum, include plans for how the department will maintain the land's working status and economic viability objectives through revenue-generating activities that are sufficient to generate ongoing revenue at a level that reimburses administrative costs, while satisfying, or contributing to, identified community conservation and recreation objectives.
(4)(a) If, after a good faith effort by all parties, the department and the local advisory committee fail to reach a consensus on a conceptual postacquisition management plan for the parcel in question, the department may either adopt a management plan informed by the community or recommend to the board that the parcel be divested through the existing authority of the department and the board. If the parcel is divested, then, except as otherwise provided in this subsection, proceeds must return to the parkland trust revolving fund created in RCW 43.30.385.
(b) Prior to depositing the proceeds of a land divestiture under this subsection to the parkland trust revolving fund, the department must first reimburse local entities that have made financial contributions to the parcel's acquisition as provided in RCW 79.155.070(2). However, local entities are only eligible for reimbursement upon divestiture under this subsection if the board determines that:
(i) The subsequent parcel use is likely to remain a working forest, the department secures full fair market value for the parcel, and the local entity's contribution was not provided by a state or federal grant; or
(ii) The funds used as part of the local contribution were originally provided through a grant that requires, as a condition of the grant, the repayment of granted dollars if the purposes of the grant are not or cannot be fulfilled and the decision to divest the land creates an inability for the purposes of the grant to be fulfilled.
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