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Limitation on salmon fishing gear in Pacific Ocean.

(1) Except as provided in subsection (2) of this section, the commission shall not authorize gear other than troll gear or angling gear for taking salmon within the offshore waters or the waters of the Pacific Ocean over which the state has jurisdiction lying west of the following line: Commencing at the point of intersection of the international boundary line in the Strait of Juan de Fuca and a line drawn between the lighthouse on Tatoosh Island in Clallam County and Bonilla Point on Vancouver Island; thence southerly to the lighthouse on Tatoosh Island; thence southerly to the most westerly point of Cape Flattery; thence southerly along the state shoreline of the Pacific Ocean, crossing any river mouths at their most westerly points of land, to Point Brown at the entrance to Grays Harbor; thence southerly to Point Chehalis Light on Point Chehalis; thence southerly from Point Chehalis along the state shoreline of the Pacific Ocean to the Cape Shoalwater tower at the entrance to Willapa Bay; thence southerly to Leadbetter Point; thence southerly along the state shoreline of the Pacific Ocean to the inshore end of the North jetty at the entrance to the Columbia River; thence southerly to the knuckle of the South jetty at the entrance to said river.
(2) The commission may authorize the use of nets for taking salmon in the waters described in subsection (1) of this section for scientific investigations.


Purpose1993 c 20: "The purpose of this act is to correct references to a geographical landmark on Cape Shoalwater that no longer exists. Cape Shoalwater Light has been removed and a new tower has been constructed four hundred yards to the west. It is not intended that this act make any substantive change in the boundaries of the areas described in RCW 75.12.210 and 75.28.012 beyond the minor adjustment necessitated by the replacement of the landmark." [ 1993 c 20 s 1.]
Preamble1957 c 108: "The state has a vital interest in the salmon resources of the Pacific Ocean both within and beyond the territorial limits of the state, in that a large number of such salmon spawn in its freshwater streams, migrate to the waters of the Pacific Ocean and, in response to their anadromous cycle, return to the freshwater streams to spawn.
Expansion of fishing for salmon by the use of nets in waters of the eastern Pacific Ocean, which has occurred in the past year, will result in a substantial depletion of salmon originating within the state because the salmon runs are intercepted before they separate to move in toward the rivers of their origin. Oregon, California and Canada, through their respective fisheries agencies, have likewise expressed a deep concern over this problem since portions of such salmon originate within their respective jurisdictions. Short of absolute prohibition, it appears to be presently impracticable to regulate salmon net fishing in such waters of the Pacific Ocean by any known scientific fisheries management techniques in order to insure adequate salmon escapement to the three Pacific Coast states and Canada, the reason being that salmon stocks and races are so commingled in such Pacific Ocean waters that they are indistinguishable as to origin until they enter the harbors, bays, straits and estuaries of the respective jurisdictions.
Canada, through its authorized officials, has proposed to prohibit its nationals from net fishing for salmon in Pacific Ocean waters provided the United States or the three Pacific Coast states apply such appropriate conservation measures to their respective citizens. Inasmuch as there is presently no congressional legislation prohibiting such fishing, and inasmuch as authorized officials of the state department of the United States have expressed a desire to have the states act in this area, the Pacific Marine Fisheries Commission has proposed and recommended appropriate legislation to the three Pacific Coast states to insure the survival of their valuable salmon resources." [ 1957 c 108 s 2. Formerly RCW 75.12.200.]
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