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Illegally taken or possessed wildlifeCriminal wildlife penalty assessed.

(1) If an adult offender is convicted of violating RCW 77.15.410 and that violation results in the death of wildlife listed in this section, the court shall require payment of the following amounts for each animal taken or possessed. This shall be a criminal wildlife penalty assessment that shall be paid to the clerk of the court and distributed each month to the state treasurer for deposit in the fish and wildlife enforcement reward account created in RCW 77.15.425.
Moose, mountain sheep, mountain goat, and all wildlife species classified as endangered by rule of the commission, except for mountain caribou and grizzly bear as listed under (d) of this subsection. . . .
Elk, deer, black bear, and cougar. . . .
Trophy animal elk and deer. . . .
Mountain caribou, grizzly bear, and trophy animal mountain
sheep. . . .
(2)(a) For the purpose of this section a "trophy animal" is:
(i) A buck deer with four or more antler points on both sides, not including eyeguards;
(ii) A bull elk with five or more antler points on both sides, not including eyeguards; or
(iii) A mountain sheep with a horn curl of three-quarter curl or greater.
(b) For purposes of this subsection, "eyeguard" means an antler protrusion on the main beam of the antler closest to the eye of the animal.
(3) If two or more persons are convicted of illegally possessing wildlife in subsection (1) of this section, the criminal wildlife penalty assessment shall be imposed on them jointly and severally.
(4) The criminal wildlife penalty assessment shall be imposed regardless of and in addition to any sentence, fines, or costs otherwise provided for violating any provision of this title. The criminal wildlife penalty assessment shall be included by the court in any pronouncement of sentence and may not be suspended, waived, modified, or deferred in any respect. This section may not be construed to abridge or alter alternative rights of action or remedies in equity or under common law or statutory law, criminal or civil.
(5) A defaulted criminal wildlife penalty assessment may be collected by any means authorized by law for the enforcement of orders of the court or collection of a fine or costs, including but not limited to vacation of a deferral of sentencing or vacation of a suspension of sentence.
(6) A person assessed a criminal wildlife penalty assessment under this section shall have his or her hunting license revoked and all hunting privileges suspended until the penalty assessment is paid through the registry of the court in which the penalty assessment was assessed. This revocation and suspension is in addition to and runs concurrently with any revocation and suspension required by law.
(7) The criminal wildlife penalty assessments provided in subsection (1) of this section shall be doubled in the following instances:
(a) When a person is convicted of spotlighting big game under RCW 77.15.450;
(b) When a person commits a violation that requires payment of a wildlife penalty assessment within five years of a prior gross misdemeanor or felony conviction under this title;
(c) When the trier of fact determines that the person took or possessed the animal in question with the intent of bartering, selling, or otherwise deriving economic profit from the animal or the animal's parts; or
(d) When the trier of fact determines that the person took the animal under the supervision of a licensed guide.


FindingIntent2015 c 265: See note following RCW 13.50.010.
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