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Statement to vulnerable adults.

(1) When the department opens an investigation of a report of abandonment, abuse, financial exploitation, or neglect of a vulnerable adult, the department shall, at the time of the interview of the vulnerable adult who is an alleged victim, provide a written statement of the rights afforded under this chapter and other applicable law to alleged victims or legal guardians. This statement must include the department's name, address, and telephone number and may include other appropriate referrals. The statement must be substantially in the following form:
"You are entitled to be free from abandonment, abuse, financial exploitation, and neglect. If there is a reason to believe that you have experienced abandonment, abuse, financial exploitation, or neglect, you have the right to:
(a) Make a report to the department of social and health services and law enforcement and share any information you believe could be relevant to the investigation, and identify any persons you believe could have relevant information.
(b) Be free from retaliation for reporting or causing a report of abandonment, abuse, financial exploitation, or neglect.
(c) Be treated with dignity and addressed with respectful language.
(d) Reasonable accommodation for your disability when reporting, and during investigations and administrative proceedings.
(e) Request an order that prohibits anyone who has abandoned, abused, financially exploited, or neglected you from remaining in your home, having contact with you, or accessing your money or property.
(f) Receive from the department of social and health services information and appropriate referrals to other agencies that can advocate, investigate, or take action.
(g) Be informed of the status of investigations, proceedings, court actions, and outcomes by the agency that is handling any case in which you are a victim.
(h) Request referrals for advocacy or legal assistance to help with safety planning, investigations, and hearings.
(i) Complain to the department of social and health services, formally or informally, about investigations or proceedings, and receive a prompt response."
(2) This section shall not be construed to create any new cause of action or limit any existing remedy.
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