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Contracts to furnish county prisoners confinement, care, and employmentReimbursement by countySheriff's orderReturn of prisoner.

(1) The secretary may enter into a contract with any county of the state, upon the request of the sheriff thereof, wherein the secretary agrees to furnish confinement, care, treatment, and employment of county prisoners. The county shall reimburse the state for the cost of such services. Each county shall pay to the state treasurer the amounts found to be due.
(2) The secretary shall accept such county prisoner if he or she believes that the prisoner can be materially benefited by such confinement, care, treatment, and employment, and if adequate facilities to provide such care are available. No such person shall be transported to any facility under the jurisdiction of the secretary until the secretary has notified the referring court of the place to which said person is to be transmitted and the time at which he or she can be received.
(3) The sheriff of the county in which such an order is made placing a misdemeanant in a jail camp pursuant to this chapter, or any other peace officer designated by the court, shall execute an order placing such county prisoner in the jail camp or returning him or her therefrom to the court.
(4) The secretary may return to the committing authority, or to confinement according to his or her sentence, any person committed or transferred to a regional jail camp pursuant to this chapter when there is no suitable employment or when such person is guilty of any violation of rules and regulations of the regional jail camp.
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