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School yearSchool termLegal holidaysUse of schools.

The school year for the state school for the blind and the *state school for the deaf shall commence on the first day of July of each year and shall terminate on the 30th day of June of the succeeding year. The regular school term shall be for a period of nine months and shall commence as near as reasonably practical at the time of the commencement of regular terms in other public schools, with the equivalent number of days as are now required by law, and the regulations of the superintendent of public instruction as now or hereafter amended, during the school year in other public schools. The school and the center shall observe all legal holidays, in the same manner as other agencies of state government, and will not be in session on such days and such other days as may be approved by the superintendent or the director. During the period when the schools are not in session during the regular school term, schools may be operated, subject to the approval of the superintendent or the director or the director's designee, for the instruction of students or for such other reasons which are in furtherance of the objects and purposes of the respective facilities.


*Reviser's note: The "state school for the deaf" was abolished pursuant to 2009 c 381 § 11 and powers, duties, and functions were transferred to the Washington state center for childhood deafness and hearing loss. The "Washington state center for childhood deafness and hearing loss" was renamed the "Washington center for deaf and hard of hearing youth" by 2019 c 266 § 1.
FindingsIntent2009 c 381: See note following RCW 72.40.015.
SeverabilityEffective date1985 c 378: See notes following RCW 72.01.050.
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