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Prerequisites for transfer of person to another party stateRelease or return of residents, jurisdiction, laws applicable.

No person shall be transferred to another party state pursuant to this chapter unless the compact administrator first shall have obtained either:
(a) [(1)] The written consent to such transfer by the proposed transferee or by others on his or her behalf, which consent shall be executed in accordance with the requirements of *RCW 72.23.070, and if such person was originally committed involuntarily, such consent also shall be approved by the committing court; or
(b) [(2)] An order of the superior court approving such transfer, which order shall be obtained from the committing court, if such person was committed involuntarily, otherwise from the superior court of the county where such person resided at the time of such commitment; and such order shall be issued only after notice and hearing in the manner provided for the involuntary commitment of mentally ill or mentally deficient persons as the case may be.
The courts of this state shall have concurrent jurisdiction with the appropriate courts of other party states to hear and determine petitions seeking the release or return of residents of this state who have been transferred from this state under this chapter to the same extent as if such persons were hospitalized in this state; and the laws of this state relating to the release of such persons shall govern the disposition of any such proceeding.


*Reviser's note: RCW 72.23.070 was repealed by 1985 c 354 § 34, effective January 1, 1986. Later enactment, see chapter 71.34 RCW.
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