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Eligibility restricted.

No girl shall be received in the Maple Lane school who is not of sound mind, or who is subject to epileptic or other fits, or is not possessed of that degree of bodily health which should render her a fit subject for the discipline of the school. It shall be the duty of the court committing her to cause such girl to be examined by a reputable physician to be appointed by the court, who will certify to the above facts, which certificate shall be forwarded to the school with the commitment. Any girl who may have been committed to the school, not complying with the above requirements, may be returned by the superintendent to the court making the commitment, or to the officer or institution last having her in charge. The department shall arrange for the transportation of all girls to and from the school.
[ 1959 c 28 § 72.20.070. Prior: 1913 c 157 § 10; RRS § 4640.]
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