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Video monitoring camerasStudy and report.

(1) The department shall hire a consultant to study the deployment of video monitoring cameras within the department to make recommendations regarding statewide standards for the positioning and use of video monitoring cameras in total confinement correctional facilities and report findings and recommendations to the governor and appropriate committees of the legislature by November 1, 2011. At a minimum, the report shall include:
(a) Recommendations for the use of video monitoring cameras by security level;
(b) Recommendations for specific locations within a total confinement correctional facility which would benefit from the use of video monitoring cameras;
(c) The information technological and infrastructure requirements needed for effective use of video monitoring cameras;
(d) Recommendations for how video monitoring cameras would best be deployed in current total confinement correctional facilities;
(e) Recommendations about how video monitoring cameras should be incorporated into future prison construction to insure consistency in camera use systemwide;
(f) The estimated cost of the video monitoring cameras, supporting infrastructure needed, and staffing required by the total confinement correctional facility.
(2) The consultant shall seek the input of both the statewide and local security advisory committees in preparing his or her report.


Intent2011 c 252: See note following RCW 72.09.680.
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