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Body alarms and proximity cardsStudy and report.

(1) The department may pilot the use of body alarms and proximity cards within available resources.
(2) The department shall hire a consultant to study the feasibility of implementing a statewide system for staff safety, utilizing body alarms and proximity cards for staff within the department's total confinement correctional facilities and report findings and recommendations to the governor and appropriate committees of the legislature by November 1, 2011. At a minimum, the report shall include:
(a) Recommendations for the use of body alarms by security level;
(b) Recommendations for specific positions that should require the use of body alarms;
(c) The information technological and infrastructure requirements needed for body alarms and proximity cards;
(d) The training requirements for body alarms;
(e) Lessons learned from any pilot project the department may implement in the interim;
(f) The estimated cost of the alarms and proximity cards and needed supporting infrastructure, staffing, and training requirements.
(3) The consultant shall seek the input of both the statewide and local security advisory committees in preparing his or her report.


Intent2011 c 252: See note following RCW 72.09.680.
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