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As used in this chapter, unless the context requires otherwise:
(1) "Community facility" means a group care facility operated for the care of juveniles committed to the department under RCW 13.40.185. A county detention facility that houses juveniles committed to the department under RCW 13.40.185 pursuant to a contract with the department is not a community facility.
(2) "Department" means the department of children, youth, and families.
(3) "Juvenile" means a person under the age of twenty-one who has been sentenced to a term of confinement under the supervision of the department under RCW 13.40.185.
(4) "Labor" means the period of time before a birth during which contractions are of sufficient frequency, intensity, and duration to bring about effacement and progressive dilation of the cervix.
(5) "Physical restraint" means the use of any bodily force or physical intervention to control an offender or limit a juvenile offender's freedom of movement in a way that does not involve a mechanical restraint. Physical restraint does not include momentary periods of minimal physical restriction by direct person-to-person contact, without the aid of mechanical restraint, accomplished with limited force and designed to:
(a) Prevent a juvenile offender from completing an act that would result in potential bodily harm to self or others or damage property;
(b) Remove a disruptive juvenile offender who is unwilling to leave the area voluntarily; or
(c) Guide a juvenile offender from one location to another.
(6) "Postpartum recovery" means (a) the entire period a youth is in the hospital, birthing center, or clinic after giving birth and (b) an additional time period, if any, a treating physician determines is necessary for healing after the youth leaves the hospital, birthing center, or clinic.
(7) "Restraints" means anything used to control the movement of a person's body or limbs and includes:
(a) Physical restraint; or
(b) Mechanical device including but not limited to: Metal handcuffs, plastic ties, ankle restraints, leather cuffs, other hospital-type restraints, tasers, or batons.
(8) "Secretary" means the secretary of the department.
(9) "Service provider" means the entity that operates a community facility.
(10) "Transportation" means the conveying, by any means, of an incarcerated pregnant woman or youth from the institution or community facility to another location from the moment she leaves the institution or community facility to the time of arrival at the other location, and includes the escorting of the pregnant incarcerated woman or youth from the institution or community facility to a transport vehicle and from the vehicle to the other location.


Effective date2017 3rd sp.s. c 6 §§ 601-631, 701-728, and 804: See note following RCW 13.04.011.
Conflict with federal requirements2017 3rd sp.s. c 6: See RCW 43.216.908.
IntentFinding1998 c 269: "It is the intent of the legislature to:
(1) Enhance public safety and maximize the rehabilitative potential of juvenile offenders through modifications to licensed community residential placements for juveniles;
(2) Ensure community support for community facilities by enabling community participation in decisions involving these facilities and assuring the safety of communities in which community facilities for juvenile offenders are located; and
(3) Improve public safety by strengthening the safeguards in placement, oversight, and monitoring of the juvenile offenders placed in the community, and by establishing minimum standards for operation of licensed residential community facilities. The legislature finds that community support and participation is vital to the success of community programming." [ 1998 c 269 § 1.]
Effective date1998 c 269: "This act takes effect September 1, 1998." [ 1998 c 269 § 19.]
Effective dateSeverability1970 ex.s. c 18: See notes following RCW 43.20A.010.
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