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Intensive behavior support servicesCore team.

(1) Intensive behavior support services under the program authorized in RCW 71A.24.010 shall be provided through a core team of highly trained individuals, either directly or by contract.
(2) The intensive behavior support services shall be designed to enhance the child's and parent's skills to manage behaviors, increase family and personal self-sufficiency, improve functioning of the family, reduce stress on children and families, and assist the family to locate and use other community services.
(3) The core team shall have the following characteristics and responsibilities:
(a) Expertise in behavior management, therapies, and children's crisis intervention, or the ability to access such specialized expertise;
(b) Ability to coordinate the array of services and supports needed to stabilize the family;
(c) Ability to conduct transition planning as an individual and the individual's family leave the program; and
(d) Ability to authorize and coordinate the services in the family's home and other environments, such as schools and neighborhoods.
(4) The following types of services constitute intensive behavior support services:
(a) Behavior management and consultation;
(b) Environmental adaptations;
(c) Motor vehicle adaptations;
(d) Therapy equipment and supplies;
(e) Personal care;
(f) Specialized diet goods and services;
(g) In-home respite and planned out-of-home respite;
(h) Intensive training to intervene effectively with the child for families and other individuals and partners working with the child in all domains, including the school and individualized education plan team; and
(i) Coordination and planning.
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