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Rights of minors undergoing treatmentPosting.

*** CHANGE IN 2020 *** (SEE 5720-S2.SL) ***
Absent a risk to self or others, minors treated under this chapter have the following rights, which shall be prominently posted in the evaluation and treatment facility:
(1) To wear their own clothes and to keep and use personal possessions;
(2) To keep and be allowed to spend a reasonable sum of their own money for canteen expenses and small purchases;
(3) To have individual storage space for private use;
(4) To have visitors at reasonable times;
(5) To have reasonable access to a telephone, both to make and receive confidential calls;
(6) To have ready access to letter-writing materials, including stamps, and to send and receive uncensored correspondence through the mails;
(7) To discuss treatment plans and decisions with mental health professionals;
(8) To have the right to adequate care and individualized treatment;
(9) Not to consent to the performance of electroconvulsive treatment or surgery, except emergency lifesaving surgery, upon him or her, and not to have electroconvulsive treatment or nonemergency surgery in such circumstance unless ordered by a court pursuant to a judicial hearing in which the minor is present and represented by counsel, and the court shall appoint a psychiatrist, physician assistant, psychologist, psychiatric advanced registered nurse practitioner, or physician designated by the minor or the minor's counsel to testify on behalf of the minor. The minor's parent may exercise this right on the minor's behalf, and must be informed of any impending treatment;
(10) Not to have psychosurgery performed on him or her under any circumstances.
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