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Behavioral health administrative services organizationsAdvisory boardsInclusion of tribesRoles and responsibilities.

(1) Each behavioral health administrative services organization shall appoint a behavioral health advisory board which shall review and provide comments on plans and policies developed under this chapter, provide local oversight regarding the activities of the behavioral health administrative services organization, and work with the behavioral health administrative services organization to resolve significant concerns regarding service delivery and outcomes. The authority shall establish statewide procedures for the operation of regional advisory committees including mechanisms for advisory board feedback to the authority regarding behavioral health administrative services organization performance. The composition of the board shall be broadly representative of the demographic character of the region and shall include, but not be limited to, representatives of consumers of substance use disorder and mental health services and their families, law enforcement, and, where the county is not the behavioral health administrative services organization, county elected officials. Composition and length of terms of board members may differ between behavioral health administrative services organizations but shall be included in each behavioral health administrative services organization's contract and approved by the director.
(2) The authority must allow for the inclusion of tribes in any interlocal leadership structure or committees formed under RCW 71.24.880, when requested by a tribe.
(3) If an interlocal leadership structure is not formed under RCW 71.24.880, the roles and responsibilities of the behavioral health administrative services organizations, managed care organizations, counties, and each tribe shall be determined by the authority through negotiation with the tribes.


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