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Behavioral health administrative services organization powers and duties.

(1) The behavioral health administrative services organization contracted with the authority pursuant to RCW 71.24.381 shall:
(a) Administer crisis services for the assigned regional service area. Such services must include:
(i) A behavioral health crisis hotline for its assigned regional service area;
(ii) Crisis response services twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, three hundred sixty-five days a year;
(iii) Services related to involuntary commitments under chapters 71.05 and 71.34 RCW;
(iv) Additional noncrisis behavioral health services, within available resources, to individuals who meet certain criteria set by the authority in its contracts with the behavioral health administrative services organization. These services may include services provided through federal grant funds, provisos, and general fund state appropriations;
(v) Care coordination, diversion services, and discharge planning for nonmedicaid individuals transitioning from state hospitals or inpatient settings to reduce rehospitalization and utilization of crisis services, as required by the authority in contract; and
(vi) Regional coordination, cross-system and cross-jurisdiction coordination with tribal governments, and capacity building efforts, such as supporting the behavioral health advisory board, the behavioral health ombuds, and efforts to support access to services or to improve the behavioral health system;
(b) Administer and provide for the availability of an adequate network of evaluation and treatment services to ensure access to treatment, investigation, transportation, court-related, and other services provided as required under chapter 71.05 RCW;
(c) Coordinate services for individuals under RCW 71.05.365;
(d) Administer and provide for the availability of resource management services, residential services, and community support services as required under its contract with the authority;
(e) Contract with a sufficient number, as determined by the authority, of licensed or certified providers for crisis services and other behavioral health services required by the authority;
(f) Maintain adequate reserves or secure a bond as required by its contract with the authority;
(g) Establish and maintain quality assurance processes;
(h) Meet established limitations on administrative costs for agencies that contract with the behavioral health administrative services organization; and
(i) Maintain patient tracking information as required by the authority.
(2) The behavioral health administrative services organization must collaborate with the authority and its contracted managed care organizations to develop and implement strategies to coordinate care with tribes and community behavioral health providers for individuals with a history of frequent crisis system utilization.
(3) The behavioral health administrative services organization shall:
(a) Assure that the special needs of minorities, older adults, individuals with disabilities, children, and low-income persons are met;
(b) Collaborate with local government entities to ensure that policies do not result in an adverse shift of persons with mental illness into state and local correctional facilities; and
(c) Work with the authority to expedite the enrollment or reenrollment of eligible persons leaving state or local correctional facilities and institutions for mental diseases.


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