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State hospitals for care of sexual psychopathsTransfers to correctional institutionsExaminations, reports.

The department may designate one or more state hospitals for the care and treatment of sexual psychopaths: PROVIDED, That a committed sexual psychopath who has been determined by the superintendent of such mental hospital to be a custodial risk, or a hazard to other patients may be transferred by the secretary of social and health services, with the consent of the secretary of corrections, to one of the correctional institutions within the department of corrections which has psychiatric care facilities. A committed sexual psychopath who has been transferred to a correctional institution shall be observed and treated at the psychiatric facilities provided by the correctional institution. A complete psychiatric examination shall be given to each sexual psychopath so transferred at least twice annually. The examinations may be conducted at the correctional institution or at one of the mental hospitals. The examiners shall report in writing the results of said examinations, including recommendations as to future treatment and custody, to the superintendent of the mental hospital from which the sexual psychopath was transferred, and to the committing court, with copies of such reports and recommendations to the superintendent of the correctional institution.


Effective date1981 c 136: See RCW 72.09.900.
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