Chapter 71.06 RCW



71.06.005Application of chapter.
71.06.020Sexual psychopathsPetition.
71.06.030Procedure on petitionEffect of acquittal on criminal charge.
71.06.040Preliminary hearingEvidenceDetention in hospital for observation.
71.06.050Preliminary hearingReport of findings.
71.06.060Preliminary hearingCommitment, or other disposition of charge.
71.06.070Preliminary hearingJury trial.
71.06.080Preliminary hearingConstruction of chapterTrial, evidence, law relating to criminally insane.
71.06.091Postcommitment proceedings, releases, and further dispositions.
71.06.100Postcommitment proceedings, releases, and further dispositionsHospital record to be furnished court, indeterminate sentence review board.
71.06.120Credit for time served in hospital.
71.06.130Discharge pursuant to conditional release.
71.06.135Sexual psychopathsRelease of information authorized.
71.06.140State hospitals for care of sexual psychopathsTransfers to correctional institutionsExaminations, reports.
71.06.260Hospitalization costsSexual psychopathsFinancial responsibility.
71.06.270Availability of records.


Council for children and families: Chapter 43.121 RCW.
Nonresident sexual psychopaths and psychopathic delinquents: Chapter 72.25 RCW.
Telephone calls soliciting immoral acts: RCW 9.61.230 through 9.61.250.