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Carbon sequestration.

(1) Separate and apart from the emissions limits established in RCW 70A.45.020, it is the policy of the state to promote the removal of excess carbon from the atmosphere through voluntary and incentive-based sequestration activities in Washington including, but not limited to, on natural and working lands and by recognizing the potential for sequestration in products and product supply chains. It is the policy of the state to prioritize carbon sequestration in amounts necessary to achieve the carbon neutrality goal established in RCW 70A.45.020, and at a level consistent with pathways to limit global warming to one and one-half degrees.
(2)(a) All agencies of state government including, but not limited to, the department, the department of natural resources, the department of transportation, the department of fish and wildlife, the department of agriculture, the department of commerce, the recreation and conservation office, and the conservation commission, shall seek all practicable opportunities, consistent with existing legal mandates and requirements and statutory objectives, to cost-effectively maximize carbon sequestration and carbon storage in their nonland management agency operations, contracting, and grant-making activities.
(b) Any such effort to promote carbon sequestration activities that affects support for, or management of private lands or trust lands managed by the department of natural resources must be done in cooperation with the owners and managers of those natural and working lands.


Explanatory statement2021 c 65: See note following RCW 53.54.030.
Intent2020 c 79: See note following RCW 70A.45.020.
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