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Other rights, remedies, powers, duties and functionsLocal regulationApprovalProcedure.

(1) Nothing in this chapter shall be construed to deny, abridge or alter alternative rights of action or remedies in equity or under common law or statutory law, criminal or civil.
(2) Nothing in this chapter shall deny, abridge or alter any powers, duties and functions relating to noise abatement and control now or hereafter vested in any state agency, nor shall this chapter be construed as granting jurisdiction over the industrial safety and health of employees in workplaces of the state, as now or hereafter vested in the department of labor and industries.
(3) Standards and other control measures adopted by the department under this chapter shall be exclusive except as hereinafter provided. A local government may impose limits or control sources differing from those adopted or controlled by the department upon a finding that such requirements are necessitated by special conditions. Noise limiting requirements of local government which differ from those adopted or controlled by the department shall be invalid unless first approved by the department. If the department of ecology fails to approve or disapprove standards submitted by local governmental jurisdictions within ninety days of submittal, such standards shall be deemed approved. If disapproved, the local government may appeal the decision to the pollution control hearings board which shall decide the appeal on the basis of the provisions of this chapter, and the applicable regulations, together with such briefs, testimony, and oral argument as the hearings board in its discretion may require. The department determination of whether to grant approval shall depend on the reasonableness and practicability of compliance. Particular attention shall be given to stationary sources located near jurisdictional boundaries, and temporary noise producing operations which may operate across one or more jurisdictional boundaries.
(4) In carrying out the rule-making authority provided in this chapter, the department shall follow the procedures of the administrative procedure act, chapter 34.05 RCW, and shall take care that no rules adopted purport to exercise any powers preempted by the United States under federal law.
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