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Duty to enforce law. (Effective until January 1, 2021.)

The local registrars are hereby charged with the strict and thorough enforcement of the provisions of *this act in their districts, under the supervision and direction of the state registrar. And they shall make an immediate report to the state registrar of any violations of this law coming to their notice by observation or upon the complaint of any person, or otherwise. The state registrar is hereby charged with the thorough and efficient execution of the provisions of *this act in every part of the state, and with supervisory power over local registrars, to the end that all of the requirements shall be uniformly complied with. He or she shall have authority to investigate cases of irregularity or violation of law, personally or by accredited representative, and all local registrars shall aid him or her, upon request, in such investigation. When he or she shall deem it necessary, he or she shall report cases of violation of any of the provisions of *this act to the prosecuting attorney of the proper county with a statement of the fact and circumstances; and when any such case is reported to them by the state registrar, all prosecuting attorneys or officials acting in such capacity shall forthwith initiate and promptly follow up the necessary court proceedings against the parties responsible for the alleged violations of law. And upon request of the state registrar, the attorney general shall likewise assist in the enforcement of the provisions of *this act.


*Reviser's note: "this act" appears in 1907 c 83 codified as RCW 70.58.010 through 70.58.100, 70.58.230 through 70.58.280, and 43.20A.620 through 43.20A.630.
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