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Sex, kidnapping offendersNotices to offenders, law enforcement officials.

(1) A person having charge of a jail shall notify in writing any confined person who is in the custody of the jail for a conviction of a sex offense or a kidnapping offense as defined in RCW 9A.44.128 of the registration requirements of RCW 9A.44.130 at the time of the inmate's release from confinement, and shall obtain written acknowledgment of such notification. The person shall also obtain from the inmate the county of the inmate's residence upon release from jail and, where applicable, the city.
(2) When a sex offender or kidnapping offender under local government jurisdiction will reside in a county other than the county of conviction upon discharge or release, the chief law enforcement officer of the jail or his or her designee shall give notice of the inmate's discharge or release to the sheriff of the county and, where applicable, to the police chief of the city where the offender will reside.


Reviser's note: The definitions in RCW 9A.44.128 apply to this section.
Application2010 c 267: See note following RCW 9A.44.128.
Severability1997 c 364: See note following RCW 4.24.550.
Findings1997 c 113: See note following RCW 4.24.550.
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