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(1) The superintendent shall be the chief administrative officer of the public district hospital and shall have control of administrative functions of the district. The superintendent shall be responsible to the commission for the efficient administration of all affairs of the district. In case of the absence or temporary disability of the superintendent a competent person shall be appointed by the commission. The superintendent shall be entitled to attend all meetings of the commission and its committees and to take part in the discussion of any matters pertaining to the district, but shall have no vote.
(2) Where the commission has appointed more than one superintendent as provided in RCW 70.44.070, the commission shall assign among the superintendents the powers set forth in this section as deemed appropriate by the commission.
[ 1987 c 58 § 2; 1982 c 84 § 17; 1945 c 264 § 9; Rem. Supp. 1945 § 6090-38.]
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