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Provision of care for complications of pregnancyRetaliatory action prohibited.

(1) Except as provided in subsection (2) of this section, if a health care provider is acting in good faith, within the provider's scope of practice, education, training, and experience and within the accepted standard of care, a health care entity may not prohibit the health care provider from providing health care services related to complications of pregnancy, including but not limited to health services related to miscarriage management and treatment for ectopic pregnancies, in cases in which failure to provide the service would violate the accepted standard of care or when the patient presents a medical condition manifesting itself by acute symptoms of sufficient severity such that the absence of medical attention could reasonably be expected to pose a risk:
(a) To the patient's life; or
(b) Of irreversible complications or impairment to the patient's bodily functions or any bodily organ or part.
(2) Nothing in this section prohibits a health care entity from limiting a health care provider's practice for purposes of:
(a) Complying with the network or utilization review requirements of any program or entity authorized by state or federal law to provide insurance coverage for health care services to enrollees; or
(b) Quality control and patient safety, including when quality control or patient safety issues are identified pursuant to peer review.
(3) A health care entity may not discharge, demote, suspend, discipline, or otherwise discriminate against a health care provider for providing services in compliance with this section.
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