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Reports to governor and legislature.

The health care authority, department of social and health services, and department of health shall each submit a report to the governor and the legislature by December 31, 2019, and every second year thereafter, on the following:
(1) The financial impact and reach diabetes of all types is having on programs administered by each agency and individuals enrolled in those programs. Items included in this assessment must include the number of lives with diabetes impacted or covered by programs administered by the agency, the number of lives with diabetes and family members impacted by prevention and diabetes control programs implemented by the agency, the financial toll or impact diabetes and its complications places on these programs, and the financial toll or impact diabetes and its complications places on these programs in comparison to other chronic diseases and conditions;
(2) An assessment of the benefits of implemented programs and activities aimed at controlling diabetes and preventing the disease. This assessment must also document the amount and source for any funding directed to the agency for programs and activities aimed at reaching those with diabetes;
(3) A description of the level of coordination existing between the agencies on activities, programmatic activities, and messaging on managing, treating, or preventing all forms of diabetes and its complications;
(4) A development or revision of detailed action plans for battling diabetes with a range of actionable items for consideration by the legislature. The plans must identify proposed action steps to reduce the impact of diabetes, prediabetes, and related diabetes complications. The plan must also identify expected outcomes of the action steps proposed in the following biennium while also establishing benchmarks for controlling and preventing relevant forms of diabetes; and
(5) An estimate of costs and resources required to implement the plan identified in subsection (4) of this section.
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