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Contracts with area health education centers.

The secretary may establish and contract with area health education centers in the eastern and western parts of the state. Consistent with the recruitment and retention objectives of this chapter, the centers shall provide or facilitate the provision of health professional educational and continuing education programs that strengthen the delivery of primary health care services in rural and medically underserved urban areas of the state. The center shall assist in the development and operation of health personnel recruitment and retention programs that are consistent with activities authorized under this chapter. The centers shall further provide technical expertise in the development of well managed health care delivery systems in rural Washington consistent with the goals and objectives of chapter 492, Laws of 1993.


Finding1993 c 492: See note following RCW 28B.115.080.
FindingsIntent1993 c 492: See notes following RCW 43.20.050.
Short titleSavingsReservation of legislative powerEffective dates1993 c 492: See RCW 43.72.910 through 43.72.915.
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