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Duties and responsibilities of participating communities.

The duties and responsibilities of participating communities shall include:
(1) To involve major health care providers, businesses, public officials, and other community leaders in project design, administration, and oversight;
(2) To identify an individual or organization to serve as the local administrator of the project. The secretary may require the local administrator to maintain acceptable accountability of seed grant funding;
(3) To coordinate and avoid duplication of public health and other health care services;
(4) To assess and analyze community health care needs;
(5) To identify services and providers necessary to meet needs;
(6) To develop outcome measures to assess the long-term effectiveness of modifications initiated through the project;
(7) To write a health care delivery system strategic plan including to the extent possible, identification of outcome measures needed to achieve health status outcomes identified in the plan. New organizational structures created should integrate existing programs and activities of local health providers so as to maximize the efficient planning and delivery of health care by local providers and promote more accessible and affordable health care services to rural citizens. Participants should create health care delivery system strategic plans which promote health care services which the participant can financially sustain;
(8) To screen and contract with consultants for technical assistance if the project site was selected to receive funding and assistance is needed;
(9) To monitor and evaluate the project in an ongoing manner;
(10) To implement necessary changes as defined in the plans such as converting existing facilities, developing or modifying services, recruiting providers, or obtaining agreements with other communities to provide some or all health care services; and
(11) To provide data and comply with other requirements of the administrator that are intended to evaluate the effectiveness of the projects.
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