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Youth tobacco and vapor products prevention accountSource and use of funds.

*** CHANGE IN 2019 *** (SEE 1109-S.SL) ***
*** CHANGE IN 2019 *** (SEE 1074.SL) ***
(1) The youth tobacco and vapor products prevention account is created in the state treasury. All fees collected pursuant to RCW 82.24.520, 82.24.530, 82.26.160, and 82.26.170 and funds collected by the liquor and cannabis board from the imposition of monetary penalties shall be deposited into this account, except that ten percent of all such fees and penalties shall be deposited in the state general fund.
(2) Moneys appropriated from the youth tobacco and vapor products prevention account to the department of health shall be used by the department of health for implementation of this chapter, including collection and reporting of data regarding enforcement and the extent to which access to tobacco products and vapor products by youth has been reduced.
(3) The department of health shall enter into interagency agreements with the liquor and cannabis board to pay the costs incurred, up to thirty percent of available funds, in carrying out its enforcement responsibilities under this chapter. Such agreements shall set forth standards of enforcement, consistent with the funding available, so as to reduce the extent to which tobacco products and vapor products are available to individuals under the age of eighteen. The agreements shall also set forth requirements for data reporting by the liquor and cannabis board regarding its enforcement activities.
(4) The department of health, the liquor and cannabis board, and the department of revenue shall enter into an interagency agreement for payment of the cost of administering the tobacco retailer licensing system and for the provision of quarterly documentation of tobacco wholesaler, retailer, and vending machine names and locations.
(5) The department of health shall, within up to seventy percent of available funds, provide grants to local health departments or other local community agencies to develop and implement coordinated tobacco and vapor product intervention strategies to prevent and reduce tobacco and vapor product use by youth.
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