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Application for permitContentsFiling.

Application for an outdoor music festival permit shall be in writing and filed with the clerk of the issuing authority wherein the festival is to be held. Said application shall be filed not less than ninety days prior to the first scheduled day of the festival and shall be accompanied with a permit fee in the amount of two thousand five hundred dollars. Said application shall include:
(1) The name of the person or other legal entity on behalf of whom said application is made: PROVIDED, That a natural person applying for such permit shall be eighteen years of age or older;
(2) A financial statement of the applicant;
(3) The nature of the business organization of the applicant;
(4) Names and addresses of all individuals or other entities having a ten percent or more proprietary interest in the festival;
(5) The principal place of business of applicant;
(6) A legal description of the land to be occupied, the name and address of the owner thereof, together with a document showing the consent of said owner to the issuance of a permit, if the land be owned by a person other than the applicant;
(7) The scheduled performances and program;
(8) Written confirmation from the local health officer that he or she has reviewed and approved plans for site and development in accordance with rules, regulations and standards adopted by the state board of health. Such rules and regulations shall include criteria as to the following and such other matters as the state board of health deems necessary to protect the public's health:
(a) Submission of plans
(b) Site
(c) Water supply
(d) Sewage disposal
(e) Food preparation facilities
(f) Toilet facilities
(g) Solid waste
(h) Insect and rodent control
(i) Shelter
(j) Dust control
(k) Lighting
(l) Emergency medical facilities
(m) Emergency air evacuation
(n) Attendant physicians
(o) Communication systems
(9) A written confirmation from the appropriate law enforcement agency from the area where the outdoor music festival is to take place, showing that traffic control and crowd protection policing have been contracted for or otherwise provided by the applicant meeting the following conditions:
(a) One person for each two hundred persons reasonably expected to be in attendance at any time during the event for purposes of traffic and crowd control.
(b) The names and addresses of all traffic and crowd control personnel shall be provided to the appropriate law enforcement authority: PROVIDED, That not less than twenty percent of the traffic and crowd control personnel shall be commissioned police officers or deputy sheriffs: PROVIDED FURTHER, That on and after February 25, 1972 any commissioned police officer or deputy sheriff who is employed and compensated by the promoter of an outdoor music festival shall not be eligible and shall not receive any benefits whatsoever from any public pension or disability plan of which he or she is a member for the time he is so employed or for any injuries received during the course of such employment.
(c) During the hours that the festival site shall be open to the public there shall be at least one regularly commissioned police officer employed by the jurisdiction wherein the festival site is located for every one thousand persons in attendance and said officer shall be on duty within the confines of the actual outdoor music festival site.
(d) All law enforcement personnel shall be charged with enforcing the provisions of this chapter and all existing statutes, ordinances and regulations.
(10) A written confirmation from the appropriate law enforcement authority that sufficient access roads are available for ingress and egress to the parking areas of the outdoor music festival site and that parking areas are available on the actual site of the festival or immediately adjacent thereto which are capable of accommodating one auto for every four persons in estimated attendance at the outdoor music festival site.
(11) A written confirmation from the department of natural resources, where applicable, and the chief of the Washington state patrol, through the director of fire protection, that all fire prevention requirements have been complied with.
(12) A written statement of the applicant that all state and local law enforcement officers, fire control officers and other necessary governmental personnel shall have free access to the site of the outdoor music festival.
(13) A statement that the applicant will abide by the provisions of this chapter.
(14) The verification of the applicant warranting the truth of the matters set forth in the application to the best of the applicant's knowledge, under the penalty of perjury.


Effective date1995 c 369: See note following RCW 43.43.930.
Severability1986 c 266: See note following RCW 38.52.005.
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