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Protection of paymentsPayment after deathTime limitations for filingConfinement in institution.

(1) Except as provided in RCW 43.20B.720, 72.09.111, 74.20A.260, and 51.32.380, no money paid or payable under this chapter shall, before the issuance and delivery of the payment, or disbursement of electronic funds or electronic payment, be assigned, charged, or taken in execution, attached, garnished, or pass or be paid to any other person by operation of law, any form of voluntary assignment, or power of attorney. Any such assignment or charge is void unless the transfer is to a financial institution at the request of a victim or other beneficiary and made in accordance with RCW 7.68.034.
(2)(a) If any victim suffers an injury and dies from it before he or she receives payment of any monthly installment covering financial support for lost wages for any period of time before his or her death, the amount of the monthly payment shall be paid to the surviving spouse or the child or children if there is no surviving spouse. If there is no surviving spouse and no child or children, the amount of the monthly payment shall be paid by the department and distributed consistent with the terms of the decedent's will or, if the decedent dies intestate, consistent with the terms of RCW 11.04.015.
(b) Any application for compensation under this subsection (2) shall be filed with the department within one year of the date of death. The department may satisfy its responsibilities under this subsection (2) by sending any payment due in the name of the decedent and to the last known address of the decedent.
(3) Any victim or beneficiary receiving benefits under this chapter who is subsequently confined in, or who subsequently becomes eligible for benefits under this chapter while confined in, any institution under conviction and sentence shall have all payments of the compensation canceled during the period of confinement. After discharge from the institution, payment of benefits due afterward shall be paid if the victim or beneficiary would, except for the provisions of this subsection (3), otherwise be eligible for them.


IntentRetroactive applicationEffective date2011 c 346: See notes following RCW 7.68.020.
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