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Failure of mortgage servicer to abate nuisance.

Except in circumstances governed by RCW 7.100.040 (6) and (7), if a mortgage servicer receives notice from a county, city, or town pursuant to RCW 7.100.020 or 7.100.030(2)(b) that a property is abandoned, in mid-foreclosure, and a nuisance, and the mortgage servicer does not abate the nuisance within the time prescribed by local ordinance, a county, city, or town may exercise its authority under chapter 7.48 RCW, RCW 35.22.280, 35.23.440, 35.27.410, 36.32.120, or any other applicable law to abate the nuisance and recover associated costs as set forth in RCW 7.100.070.
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