Chapter 68.46 RCW



HTMLPDF 68.46.010Definitions.
HTMLPDF 68.46.020Prearrangement trust fundsRequired.
HTMLPDF 68.46.030Prearrangement trust fundsDepositsBond requirements.
HTMLPDF 68.46.040Prearrangement trust fundsDeposit of funds.
HTMLPDF 68.46.050Withdrawals from trust fundsNotice of department of social and health services' claim.
HTMLPDF 68.46.055Indebtedness limitations.
HTMLPDF 68.46.060Termination of contract by purchaser or beneficiary.
HTMLPDF 68.46.070Involuntary termination of contractRefund.
HTMLPDF 68.46.075Inactive contractsFunds transferObligations.
HTMLPDF 68.46.080Other use of trust funds prohibited.
HTMLPDF 68.46.090Financial reportsFilingVerification.
HTMLPDF 68.46.100Prearrangement contract requirements.
HTMLPDF 68.46.110Compliance required.
HTMLPDF 68.46.125Certain cemeteries exempt from chapter.
HTMLPDF 68.46.130Exemptions from chapter granted by board.
HTMLPDF 68.46.160Contract formsFiling.
HTMLPDF 68.46.170Sales licensesRequirement.
HTMLPDF 68.46.175Unconstructed crypts, etc., as part of contractRequirements.
HTMLPDF 68.46.900Effective date1987 c 331.


Prearrangement funeral service contracts: RCW 18.39.240 through 18.39.360.