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Order requiring reinvestment in compliance with titleActions for preservation and protection.

(1) Whenever the board finds, after notice and hearing, that any endowment care funds have been invested in violation of this title, it may by written order mailed to the person or body in charge of the fund require the reinvestment of the funds in conformity with this title within the period specified by it which shall be not more than six months. Such period may be extended by the board in its discretion.
(2) The board may bring actions for the preservation and protection of endowment care funds in the superior court of the county in which the cemetery is located. The court shall appoint substitute trustees and make any other order which may be necessary for the preservation, protection, and recovery of endowment care funds, whenever a cemetery authority or the trustees of its fund have:
(a) Transferred or attempted to transfer any property to, or made any loan from, the endowment care funds for the benefit of the cemetery authority or any director, officer, agent or employee of the cemetery authority or trustee of any endowment care funds; or,
(b) Failed to reinvest endowment care funds in accordance with a board order issued under subsection (1) of this section; or,
(c) Invested endowment care funds in violation of this title; or,
(d) Taken action or failed to take action to preserve and protect the endowment care funds; or,
(e) Become financially irresponsible or transferred control of the cemetery authority to any person who, or business entity which, is financially irresponsible; or,
(f) Is in danger of becoming insolvent or has gone into bankruptcy or receivership; or,
(g) Taken any action in violation of Title 68 RCW or failed to take action required by Title 68 RCW or has failed to comply with lawful rules and orders of the board.
(3) Whenever the board or its representative has reason to believe that endowment care funds or prearrangement trust funds are in danger of being lost or diminished during the time required for notice and hearing, it may immediately impound or seize documents, financial instruments, or other trust fund assets, or take other actions deemed necessary under the circumstances for the preservation and protection of endowment care funds or prearrangement trust funds, including, but not limited to, immediate substitutions of trustees.


Effective dates2002 c 86: See note following RCW 18.08.340.
Part headings not lawSeverability2002 c 86: See RCW 18.235.902 and 18.235.903.
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