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Wholesale liquor license—Billiard table, bowling alley licenses.

Said county commissioners in their respective counties shall also have power to grant licenses to sell spirituous liquors and wines therein in greater quantities than one gallon, to be called a wholesale license upon payment of the sum of not to exceed one hundred dollars per annum into the county treasury by such person so desiring such license; also, upon payment of not to exceed a like sum into the county treasury by any person desiring a grocery license to sell lager beer to grant such person such license to sell for the period of one year. Also, upon the payment of such sum as the county commissioners may establish and fix, by order duly entered in the record of their proceedings, not exceeding twenty-five dollars per annum for each billiard table, pigeon-hole table, or bowling alley, grant a license to any person applying for the same and giving such bond not exceeding two hundred dollars, as such commissioners may require: PROVIDED, No person shall be required to take out any license to sell any wine made from fruit produced by such person's own labor, in this territory.
[ 1873 p 438 s 5; Code 1881, Bagley's Supp. p 26-27 s 5.]


License required for rural pool halls, billiard halls and bowling alleys: RCW 67.12.110.
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