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Rounds and bouts limitedWeight of glovesRules.

A boxing event held in this state may not be for more than ten rounds and no one round of any bout shall be scheduled for longer than three minutes and there shall be not less than one minute intermission between each round. In the event of bouts involving state, regional, national, or world championships, the department may grant an extension of no more than two additional rounds to allow total bouts of twelve rounds. A contestant in any boxing event under this chapter may not be permitted to wear gloves weighing less than eight ounces. The director shall adopt rules to assure clean and sporting conduct on the part of all contestants and officials, and the orderly and proper conduct of the event in all respects, and to otherwise make rules consistent with this chapter, but such rules shall apply only to events held under the provisions of this chapter. The director may adopt rules with respect to round and bout limitations and clean and sporting conduct for kickboxing, martial arts, or wrestling events.
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