Chapter 67.04 RCW



HTMLPDF 67.04.010Penalty for bribery in relation to baseball game.
HTMLPDF 67.04.020Penalty for acceptance of bribe.
HTMLPDF 67.04.030Elements of offense outlined.
HTMLPDF 67.04.040"Bribe" defined.
HTMLPDF 67.04.050Corrupt baseball playingPenalty.
HTMLPDF 67.04.060Venue of action.
HTMLPDF 67.04.070Bonus or extra compensation.
HTMLPDF 67.04.080Scope of provisions as to bribes.
HTMLPDF 67.04.090Baseball contracts with minorsDefinitions.
HTMLPDF 67.04.100Contract with minor void unless approved.
HTMLPDF 67.04.110Contract with minorApproval by prosecuting attorney.
HTMLPDF 67.04.120Contract with minorBasis of approval.
HTMLPDF 67.04.130Contract with minorEffect of disapproval.
HTMLPDF 67.04.140Negotiations with minor prohibited.
HTMLPDF 67.04.150Contract with minorPenalty for violation.


Age of majority: Chapter 26.28 RCW.