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Entries when instruments offered for recordContent restrictions.

(1) When any instrument, paper, or notice, authorized or required by law to be filed or recorded, is deposited in or electronically transmitted to the county auditor's office for filing or record, that officer must indorse upon the same the time when it was received, noting the year, month, day, hour and minute of its reception, and note that the document was received by electronic transmission, and must file, or file and record the same without delay, together with the acknowledgments, proofs, and certificates written or printed upon or annexed to the same, with the plats, surveys, schedules and other papers thereto annexed, in the order and as of the time when the same was received for filing or record, and must note on the instrument filed, or at the foot of the record the exact time of its reception, and the name of the person at whose request it was filed or filed and recorded. However, the county auditor shall not be required to accept for filing, or filing and recording, any instrument unless there appear upon the face thereof, the name and nature of the instrument offered for filing, or filing and recording, as the case may be.
(2) When any instrument, except those generated by governmental agencies, is presented to a county auditor or recording officer for recording, the document may not contain the following information: (a) A social security number; (b) a date of birth identified with a particular person; or (c) the maiden name of a person's parent so as to be identified with a particular person.
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