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Unless the context clearly requires otherwise, the definitions in this section apply throughout this chapter.
(1) "Action" means any civil lawsuit or action in contract or tort for damages or indemnity brought against a construction professional to assert a claim, whether by complaint, counterclaim, or cross-claim, for damage or the loss of use of real or personal property caused by a defect in the construction of a residence or in the substantial remodel of a residence. "Action" does not include any civil action in tort alleging personal injury or wrongful death to a person or persons resulting from a construction defect.
(2) "Association" means an association, master association, or subassociation as defined and provided for in RCW 64.34.020(4), 64.34.276, 64.34.278, and * 64.38.010(11).
(3) "Claimant" means a homeowner or association who asserts a claim against a construction professional concerning a defect in the construction of a residence or in the substantial remodel of a residence.
(4) "Construction professional" means an architect, builder, builder vendor, contractor, subcontractor, engineer, or inspector, including, but not limited to, a dealer as defined in RCW 64.34.020 and a declarant as defined in RCW 64.34.020, performing or furnishing the design, supervision, inspection, construction, or observation of the construction of any improvement to real property, whether operating as a sole proprietor, partnership, corporation, or other business entity.
(5) "Homeowner" means: (a) Any person, company, firm, partnership, corporation, or association who contracts with a construction professional for the construction, sale, or construction and sale of a residence; and (b) an "association" as defined in this section. "Homeowner" includes, but is not limited to, a subsequent purchaser of a residence from any homeowner.
(6) "Residence" means a single-family house, duplex, triplex, quadraplex, or a unit in a multiunit residential structure in which title to each individual unit is transferred to the owner under a condominium or cooperative system, and shall include common elements as defined in RCW 64.34.020 and common areas as defined in RCW 64.38.010(4).
(7) "Serve" or "service" means personal service or delivery by certified mail to the last known address of the addressee.
(8) "Substantial remodel" means a remodel of a residence, for which the total cost exceeds one-half of the assessed value of the residence for property tax purposes at the time the contract for the remodel work was made.


*Reviser's note: RCW 64.38.010 was alphabetized pursuant to RCW 1.05.015(2)(k), changing subsection (11) to subsection (12).
Explanatory statement2020 c 18: See note following RCW 43.79A.040.
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