Chapter 63.30 RCW



HTMLPDF 63.30.010Definitions.
HTMLPDF 63.30.020Inapplicability to foreign transaction.
HTMLPDF 63.30.030Rule making.
HTMLPDF 63.30.040Property presumed abandoned.
HTMLPDF 63.30.050Tax deferred retirement account presumed abandoned.
HTMLPDF 63.30.060Other tax deferred account presumed abandoned.
HTMLPDF 63.30.070Custodial account for minor presumed abandoned.
HTMLPDF 63.30.080Contents of safe deposit box presumed abandoned.
HTMLPDF 63.30.090Stored value card presumed abandoned.
HTMLPDF 63.30.100Security presumed abandoned.
HTMLPDF 63.30.110Related property presumed abandoned.
HTMLPDF 63.30.120Indication of apparent owner interest in property.
HTMLPDF 63.30.130Knowledge of death of insured or annuitant.
HTMLPDF 63.30.140Deposit account for proceeds of insurance policy or annuity contract.
HTMLPDF 63.30.150Address of apparent owner to establish priority.
HTMLPDF 63.30.160Address of apparent owner in Washington state.
HTMLPDF 63.30.170Records showing multiple addresses of apparent owner.
HTMLPDF 63.30.180Holder domiciled in Washington state.
HTMLPDF 63.30.190Custody if transaction takes place in Washington state.
HTMLPDF 63.30.200Traveler's check, money order, or similar instrument.
HTMLPDF 63.30.210Burden of proof to establish administrator's right to custody.
HTMLPDF 63.30.220Report required by holder.
HTMLPDF 63.30.230Content of report.
HTMLPDF 63.30.240When report to be filed.
HTMLPDF 63.30.250Retention of records by holder.
HTMLPDF 63.30.260Property reportable and payable or deliverable absent owner demand.
HTMLPDF 63.30.270Abandoned intangible property held by local government.
HTMLPDF 63.30.280Notice to apparent owner by holder.
HTMLPDF 63.30.290Contents of notice by holder.
HTMLPDF 63.30.300Notice by administrator.
HTMLPDF 63.30.310Cooperation among state officers and agencies to locate apparent owner.
HTMLPDF 63.30.320Good faith.
HTMLPDF 63.30.330Dormancy charge.
HTMLPDF 63.30.340Payment or delivery of property to administrator.
HTMLPDF 63.30.350Effect of payment or delivery of property to administrator.
HTMLPDF 63.30.360Recovery of property by holder from administrator.
HTMLPDF 63.30.370Property removed from safe deposit box.
HTMLPDF 63.30.380Crediting income or gain to owner's account.
HTMLPDF 63.30.390Administrator's options as to custody.
HTMLPDF 63.30.400Disposition of property having no substantial valueImmunity from liability.
HTMLPDF 63.30.410Periods of limitation and repose.
HTMLPDF 63.30.420Public sale of property.
HTMLPDF 63.30.430Disposal of securities.
HTMLPDF 63.30.440Recovery of securities or value by owner.
HTMLPDF 63.30.450Purchaser owns property after sale.
HTMLPDF 63.30.460Military medal or decoration.
HTMLPDF 63.30.470Deposit of funds by administrator.
HTMLPDF 63.30.480Administrator to retain records of property.
HTMLPDF 63.30.490Expenses and service charges of administrator.
HTMLPDF 63.30.500Administrator holds property as custodian for owner.
HTMLPDF 63.30.510Claim of another state to recover property.
HTMLPDF 63.30.520Property subject to recovery by another state.
HTMLPDF 63.30.530Claim for property by person claiming to be owner.
HTMLPDF 63.30.540Administrator must honor claim for property, when.
HTMLPDF 63.30.550Allowance of claim for property.
HTMLPDF 63.30.560Action by person whose claim is denied.
HTMLPDF 63.30.570Verified report of property.
HTMLPDF 63.30.580Examination of records to determine compliance.
HTMLPDF 63.30.590Rules for conducting examination.
HTMLPDF 63.30.600Records obtained in examination.
HTMLPDF 63.30.610Evidence of unpaid debt or undischarged obligation.
HTMLPDF 63.30.620Failure of person examined to retain records.
HTMLPDF 63.30.630Report to person whose records were examined.
HTMLPDF 63.30.640Complaint to administrator about conduct of person conducting examination.
HTMLPDF 63.30.650Administrator's contract with another to conduct examination.
HTMLPDF 63.30.660Limit on future employment.
HTMLPDF 63.30.670Report by administrator to state official.
HTMLPDF 63.30.680Determination of liability for unreported reportable property.
HTMLPDF 63.30.690Interest and penalties.
HTMLPDF 63.30.700Waiver.
HTMLPDF 63.30.710Informal conference.
HTMLPDF 63.30.720Review of administrator's determination.
HTMLPDF 63.30.730Administrative review.
HTMLPDF 63.30.740Judicial remedy.
HTMLPDF 63.30.750Judicial action to enforce liability.
HTMLPDF 63.30.760Interstate and international agreementCooperation.
HTMLPDF 63.30.770Action involving another state or foreign country.
HTMLPDF 63.30.780Agreement to locate property enforceable.
HTMLPDF 63.30.790Agreement to locate property void, when.
HTMLPDF 63.30.800Right of agent of apparent owner to recover property held by administrator.
HTMLPDF 63.30.810DefinitionsApplicability.
HTMLPDF 63.30.820Confidential information.
HTMLPDF 63.30.830When confidential information may be disclosed.
HTMLPDF 63.30.840Confidentiality agreement.
HTMLPDF 63.30.850No confidentiality information in notice.
HTMLPDF 63.30.860Security of information.
HTMLPDF 63.30.870Security breach.
HTMLPDF 63.30.880Indemnification for breach.
HTMLPDF 63.30.890Right to enter into an agreement.
HTMLPDF 63.30.900Short title.
HTMLPDF 63.30.905Uniformity of application and construction2022 c 225.
HTMLPDF 63.30.910Relation to electronic signatures in global and national commerce act.
HTMLPDF 63.30.915Transitional provision.
HTMLPDF 63.30.920Conflict with federal requirements2022 c 225.
HTMLPDF 63.30.925Effective date2022 c 225.