Chapter 60.90 RCW



HTMLPDF 60.90.010Definitions.
HTMLPDF 60.90.020Wage liensEffect on ownership or title in certain property.
HTMLPDF 60.90.030Establishing wage liens on property pursuant to RCW 60.90.020.
HTMLPDF 60.90.040Financial statement filings.
HTMLPDF 60.90.050Assignability.
HTMLPDF 60.90.060RecordingNotice.
HTMLPDF 60.90.070Wage lien foreclosure.
HTMLPDF 60.90.080Lien foreclosureEnforcementJoinderConsolidation of actions.
HTMLPDF 60.90.090Wage lien extinguishedForm.
HTMLPDF 60.90.100Priority among wage liensReal propertyPersonal propertyWage lien not effective, when.
HTMLPDF 60.90.110Waiver.
HTMLPDF 60.90.120Notice to spouse, domestic partner.
HTMLPDF 60.90.130Frivolous claims and claims without reasonable cause or clearly excessiveOrder directing lien claimant to appear.
HTMLPDF 60.90.140Surety bond.
HTMLPDF 60.90.900Short title2021 c 102.
HTMLPDF 60.90.901Construction of chapter.
HTMLPDF 60.90.902Effective date2021 c 102.