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Delivery of semen by artificial insemination proceduresLien upon female or offspringNo filingDuration of lienStatement of account.

When an owner of a sire, or an owner of semen from sires, provides, for the insemination of a female, reproductively viable semen from the sire, the owner of the sire, or the owner of the semen, without satisfying the requirements of RCW 60.52.010 and 60.52.020, upon delivery of the semen by artificial insemination procedures, obtains and has a lien upon the female to which the semen is delivered by artificial insemination procedures, or a lien upon the offspring of that female as the result of delivery of the semen by artificial insemination procedures. The lien upon the female survives for eighteen months from the date of the insemination procedure; the lien upon the offspring survives for one year from the date of birth of the resulting offspring. However, the owner of the sire, or the owner of the semen, must, within ten months of the date of the insemination procedure or the date of birth, file for record, with the county auditor of the county where the insemination procedure was rendered, a statement of account, verified by affidavit, indicating the amount due to the owner for the reproductively viable semen, along with a description of the female or the name and address of the person for whom the procedure was provided. The lien, whether upon the female or upon the offspring, is a preferred lien. Sale or transfer of the inseminated female or of the offspring does not defeat the right of the lienholder.


Effective date1998 c 99: See note following RCW 60.52.030.
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