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Unless the context requires otherwise, the definitions in this section apply throughout this chapter.
(1) "Construction agent" means any registered or licensed contractor, registered or licensed subcontractor, architect, engineer, or other person having charge of any improvement to real property, who shall be deemed the agent of the owner for the limited purpose of establishing the lien created by this chapter.
(2) "Contract price" means the amount agreed upon by the contracting parties, or if no amount is agreed upon, then the customary and reasonable charge therefor.
(3) "Draws" means periodic disbursements of interim or construction financing by a lender.
(4) "Furnishing labor, professional services, materials, or equipment" means the performance of any labor or professional services, the contribution owed to any employee benefit plan on account of any labor, the provision of any supplies or materials, and the renting, leasing, or otherwise supplying of equipment for the improvement of real property.
(5) "Improvement" means: (a) Constructing, altering, repairing, remodeling, demolishing, clearing, grading, or filling in, of, to, or upon any real property or street or road in front of or adjoining the same; (b) planting of trees, vines, shrubs, plants, hedges, or lawns, or providing other landscaping materials on any real property; and (c) providing professional services upon real property or in preparation for or in conjunction with the intended activities in (a) or (b) of this subsection.
(6) "Interim or construction financing" means that portion of money secured by a mortgage, deed of trust, or other encumbrance to finance improvement of, or to real property, but does not include:
(a) Funds to acquire real property;
(b) Funds to pay interest, insurance premiums, lease deposits, taxes, assessments, or prior encumbrances;
(c) Funds to pay loan, commitment, title, legal, closing, recording, or appraisal fees;
(d) Funds to pay other customary fees, which pursuant to agreement with the owner or borrower are to be paid by the lender from time to time;
(e) Funds to acquire personal property for which the potential lien claimant may not claim a lien pursuant to this chapter.
(7) "Labor" means exertion of the powers of body or mind performed at the site for compensation. "Labor" includes amounts due and owed to any employee benefit plan on account of such labor performed.
(8) "Mortgagee" means a person who has a valid mortgage of record or deed of trust of record securing a loan.
(9) "Owner-occupied" means a single-family residence occupied by the owner as his or her principal residence.
(10) "Payment bond" means a surety bond issued by a surety licensed to issue surety bonds in the state of Washington that confers upon potential claimants the rights of third party beneficiaries.
(11) "Potential lien claimant" means any person or entity entitled to assert lien rights under this chapter who has otherwise complied with the provisions of this chapter and is registered or licensed if required to be licensed or registered by the provisions of the laws of the state of Washington.
(12) "Prime contractor" includes all contractors, general contractors, and specialty contractors, as defined by chapter 18.27 or 19.28 RCW, or who are otherwise required to be registered or licensed by law, who contract directly with a property owner or their common law agent to assume primary responsibility for the creation of an improvement to real property, and includes property owners or their common law agents who are contractors, general contractors, or specialty contractors as defined in chapter 18.27 or 19.28 RCW, or who are otherwise required to be registered or licensed by law, who offer to sell their property without occupying or using the structures, projects, developments, or improvements for more than one year.
(13) "Professional services" means surveying, establishing or marking the boundaries of, preparing maps, plans, or specifications for, or inspecting, testing, or otherwise performing any other architectural or engineering services for the improvement of real property.
(14) "Real property lender" means a bank, savings bank, savings and loan association, credit union, mortgage company, or other corporation, association, partnership, trust, or individual that makes loans secured by real property located in the state of Washington.
(15) "Site" means the real property which is or is to be improved.
(16) "Subcontractor" means a general contractor or specialty contractor as defined by chapter 18.27 or 19.28 RCW, or who is otherwise required to be registered or licensed by law, who contracts for the improvement of real property with someone other than the owner of the property or their common law agent.
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