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Title to vacated lots by occupancy and improvements.

The judge of the superior court of any county is hereby declared to be the successor as trustee of any territorial probate judge in such county who was trustee under any such acts of congress, and may as such succeeding trustee perform any unperformed duties of his or her predecessor in office as such trustee, agreeably to the provisions of this chapter as nearly as may be. And when entry was made by any such probate judge under any of said acts of congress and subsequent to such entry, the city or town situated upon such townsite entry has been incorporated according to law, and the corporate authorities thereof have or have attempted to vacate any common, plaza, public square, public park, or the like, in such government townsite, and where thereafter, any person, or corporation, has placed permanent improvements on such land so vacated or attempted to be vacated, exceeding in value the sum of five thousand dollars, with the knowledge, consent, or acquiescence of the corporate authorities of such city or town and with the general consent and approval of the inhabitants of said city or town and such improvements have been made for more than five years and such person or corporation making such improvements has been in the open, notorious, and peaceable possession of such lands and premises for a period of more than five years, such superior court judge, as trustee, of such government townsite, and successor as trustee to such judge of probate, trustee of such government townsite, shall have the power and authority to make and deliver to such person or corporation, or to his, her, or its heirs, executors, administrators, successors, or assigns, a deed for such lands and premises, conveying a fee simple title to such lands and premises upon such terms and for such price as he or she shall deem just and reasonable under all the facts and surrounding circumstances of the case, and the consideration paid for such deed, one dollar or more, shall be placed in the city or town treasury of such city or town, in the general fund.
[ 2010 c 8 § 18024; 1909 c 231 § 52; RRS § 11535. Prior: 1888 c 124 pp 216-220.]
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