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Review of preliminary plats by planning commission or agencyRecommendationChange by legislative bodyProcedureApproval.

If a city, town or county has established a planning commission or planning agency in accordance with state law or local charter, such commission or agency shall review all preliminary plats and make recommendations thereon to the city, town or county legislative body to assure conformance of the proposed subdivision to the general purposes of the comprehensive plan and to planning standards and specifications as adopted by the city, town or county. Reports of the planning commission or agency shall be advisory only: PROVIDED, That the legislative body of the city, town or county may, by ordinance, assign to such commission or agency, or any department official or group of officials, such administrative functions, powers and duties as may be appropriate, including the holding of hearings, and recommendations for approval or disapproval of preliminary plats of proposed subdivisions.
Such recommendation shall be submitted to the legislative body not later than fourteen days following action by the hearing body. Upon receipt of the recommendation on any preliminary plat the legislative body shall at its next public meeting set the date for the public meeting where it shall consider the recommendations of the hearing body and may adopt or reject the recommendations of such hearing body based on the record established at the public hearing. If, after considering the matter at a public meeting, the legislative body deems a change in the planning commission's or planning agency's recommendation approving or disapproving any preliminary plat is necessary, the legislative body shall adopt its own recommendations and approve or disapprove the preliminary plat.
Every decision or recommendation made under this section shall be in writing and shall include findings of fact and conclusions to support the decision or recommendation.
A record of all public meetings and public hearings shall be kept by the appropriate city, town or county authority and shall be open to public inspection.
Sole authority to adopt or amend platting ordinances shall reside in the legislative bodies. The legislative authorities of cities, towns, and counties may by ordinance delegate final plat approval to an established planning commission or agency, or to such other administrative personnel in accordance with state law or local charter.


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