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Property outside jurisdictionFuture property developmentCommunication plan.

(1) If a port district purchases property for a facility outside the port's jurisdiction, the port district or districts with responsibility for the future property development and use must prepare and implement a communication plan within sixty days after contracting with a site planning consultant. The communication plan must be reasonably calculated to provide property owners and other affected and interested individuals information for review and comment. The plan shall be made available through the planning and predesign phase. The communication plan shall include information about:
(a) The type and scale of proposed uses on the site;
(b) The type and scale of business and industrial activities that the development is likely to later attract to the site and to the nearby area;
(c) The general character and scope of potential impacts on air and water quality, noise, and local and state transportation infrastructure, including state highways, local roads, rail, and shipping.
(2) Information included in the communication plan under subsection (1) of this section may be made available by means of web pages, office inspection and copying of materials, one or more property tours, and public meetings that allow interested citizens to comment to port officials on several occasions over time as the development plans evolve.
(3) Environmental mitigation, habitat restoration, and dredged material disposal projects are exempt from the requirements of this section.
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